Berman Database Systems

Calendar Leave Approval

The leave calendar allows reviewers to view the requests for leave that they approve, and take action on those requests.  This allows reviewers to see leave that has already been approved from the dates requested and take action (Approve or Deny) based on coverage for those dates.

Note:  If a reviewer prefers, leave can also be approved using the ‘Review Leave’ tab.

Calendar Status Filter:
The leave status filter allows users to select the leave to display on the calendar based on the status that has been selected. 

There are 4 statuses to select from:

  • All – Displays all leave (Approved, Pending, and Requires My Action).
  • Pending (P) – Displays pending requests for leave. Includes Requires My Action as they are also pending requests.
  • Approved – Displays leave that has already been approved.
  • Requires My Action (R) – Displays pending requests that require the action of the logged in user.

The leave entries are visually represented by color and codes.  The colors for Approved, Pending, and Requires My Action can be modified to suit your office preference.

Status Codes:
The status codes identify the status of leave that is displayed on the calendar. 

  • (P) – Pending requests – Requests that they are in the chain of approval for, but are not yet scheduled to approve.
  • (R) – Requires My Action – Requests that the are ready for approval by the logged in user.

If no code is displayed, the displayed leave is ‘Approved’. 

Status Colors:
The status of leave displayed on the calendar can also represented by color differentiations, which allow users to visually identify the status of the leave displayed.  The status colors can be adjusted in System Settings.

Review Leave – Calendar

Reviewers are able to review leave requests from the calendar.  The requests that are ready for their approval will be displayed with an (R) which represents ‘Requires My Action’.  Additionally, the pending requests will be displayed and identified by a different color from approved leave.

When are reviewer clicks on a leave request, a window with the request details will appear.  The reviewer will be able to select a green checkbox to approve the request, or a red ‘x’ to deny the request. 

Once approved, if the reviewer is not the ‘Final’ approver of the request, the status will change from (R) Requires My Action to (P) Pending, which indicates that the request will need to be approved by other reviewers before it is finalized. 

Requests that span multiple dates will be grouped together and will highlight when the mouse is moved over the request.

Note: If the reviewer is a ‘Leave Administrator’, they have the ability to approve on behalf of other reviewers, and may approve requests that are in a ‘Pending’ status.  Standard reviewers may only approve requests that are in a (R) ‘Requires My Action’ status.