Berman Database Systems

Default Display

Administrative users can select and identify the email address* and phone number to display on the staff list by using the new ‘Default Display’ feature.

All email addresses and phone numbers have a selectable toggle.  To identify an email address or phone number as the ‘Default Display’, click the toggle to the left of the email address or phone number.
The ‘Default Display’ email and phone number will be identified by a (D) to the left of the designated item.

Click the ‘Save Details’ button to save the changes.

*  This only affects what information is displayed on the staff list. It does not designate the email address used for system notifications.  All communication from HOPS is sent via official office email addresses.

NOTE: Official office email addresses are required, and can not be deleted.  The delete button next to the staffers official email will be disabled. This is to ensure that the staffers official email is on file and not accidentally removed.