Berman Database Systems

FMLA Management

Detailed FMLA leave tracking  can be managed for each staffer.  

The first step in managing FMLA is creation of an FMLA period for the staffer that will be using the FMLA. 

  • Go to ‘Leave’ from the left navigation menu.  The ‘Overview’ tab will be displayed by default.
  • Select the name of the staffer that will be using FMLA from the dropdown list of names.
  • Click the ‘+’ sign to the right of the ‘FMLA Periods’ label.  This is located below the list of office holidays/admin days.

  • Enter the start date of the FMLA period.  The FMLA ‘End Day’ will default to 365 days after the start day.
  • You can optionally enter a note that describes the FMLA utilization (i.e. Maternity leave, Paid Parental Leave (PPL), Surgery, etc.).
  • Click the save icon to complete the creation of the FMLA period.

Once an FMLA period has been created, the period will display with a bar graph that lists ‘Available’ and ‘Remaining’ balances.

A pie graph will also display the FMLA utilization details.

A separate tab will appear ‘FMLA’ which is dedicated to displaying only FMLA entries for the covered period.


Only staff assigned to roles that have been granted access to view and create/edit FMLA will see the FMLA details.  To modify access to FMLA:

  • Select [Administrative -> Permission Management] from the left navigation menu.
  • Select the role that you want to modify from the list of roles at the top of the page.
  • Expand the leave permissions and select the checkboxes to the right of FMLA.

If a staffer attempts to submit an FMLA request prior to a period being created, they will receive a message that they are unable to submit the request until a period has been created.

Additional information related to FMLA tracking:

  • Because FMLA periods do not follow a calendar year, the periods are independent of the leave year which tracks other types of leave (Annual, Sick, etc.).
  • Up to two FMLA periods can be created within a single calendar year. This may occur if the first FMLA period ends, and a second period starts within the same year.
  • The ‘FMLA’ details tab displays all FMLA entries for the corresponding period, which may include entries from the prior calendar year.