Berman Database Systems

Quick Start – Leave Groups



















Features of leave workflow screen

  1. ‘Add’ new workflow
  2. Edit/Modify existing workflow group [ + ]
  3. View Staff Assigned to a workflow group
  4. Remove/delete a workflow group



















Manage leave workflow group

There are up to four reviewers per workflow.  The flow is from Reviewer 1 to Reviewer 4. 

  • From the dropdown list select the name of the reviewer
  • When the last reviewer has been selected, click the ‘Final Reviewer’ radio button.
  • Click ‘Save’ to save changes

Note: The number of groups needed is solely dependent on the number of unique workflows the office requires.  (I.e. If all staff submit to the same persons in the same order of review then only one group is needed.)



















Assign staff to leave workflow group

  • Select [Administrative -> Manage User Access] from the navigation menu on the left.
  • Select the name of the staffer whose user account you want to mange from the dropdown list
  • Select the ‘Leave Submission Group Assigned’ for the staffer
  • Click ‘Save details’ to save changes