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Part-Time Management

Part-Time Management

Administrative level users have the ability to create part time work schedules for staff members.  Managing part-time schedules in HOPS identifies staff that work less than a 40-hour week.  Managing the schedule in HOPS will:

  1. Pro-rate allotted/accrued leave based on scheduled work hours.
  2. Will only deduct the days/hours that the staffer is scheduled to work.

From the left navigation menu, select [ Staff ] and select the staff member you would like to add the part time schedule for.

Create a part time work schedule: 

  1. Select the ‘Job details’ tab on the top of the profile and scroll to the bottom where it says ‘Part Time Schedule’.
  2. Select the small drop down arrow to the right of the ‘Part Time Schedule’. 
  3. Select the [+] to add a new schedule.
  4. Fill in all fields with the [*]. The schedule is filled in under the days of the week. 8 hours is equivalent to a full work day. Fill an “8” under the days a full day would be worked.
  5. Select ‘Save Schedule’ once you are done.

Once the schedule has been saved, you will see the newly created part time schedule displayed to the right of the entry.

Note: Moving to a part time schedule will then affect the staffers leave in accordance with your office’s policy. Leave will only be deducted for the days that they are scheduled to work. Prior to changing this staffers schedule to part time, leave is displayed in days. Once a part time schedule is applied, leave totals will be displayed in hours.

Before part time schedule is applied

After schedule is applied

  • When viewing leave totals for staff that have a part-time schedule that falls within the leave year displayed, a message will appear identifying the part-time schedule.
  • In the cells that display ‘Available Accrued’ leave, an icon will appear that identifies that the accrued totals are pro-rated based on the part-time status.
  • Leave for part-time staff will display only in hours.

Clicking an icon will display the calculated part-time hours for each month.  In the example below, the staffer is accruing at 75% of a full-time accrual rate.