Berman Database Systems

Staff Notes

The notes section can be used to mange and centrally manage information related to each staffer.  This allows for better security of the information (more secure than adding to a directory on your shared drives) and ease of access. 

Notes can be created and managed for each staffer.  Some examples of notes are:

  • New hire paperwork
  • Information related to awards and  completion of training
  • Internal disciplinary notations and comments

To get started, from the left navigation menu select [Staff].  Then, from the list of staff select the staffer that you want to manage, and click the ‘Notes’ tab.

Add Note:

  1. Click the ‘+’ above the date to initiate adding a note.
  2. Enter a ‘Date’ for the note. (The date can represent either the date that the note is being created, or the date of the relevant information included in the note)
  3. Add a ‘Summary’ that describes the note.
  4. Add detailed information related to the note that is being created.
  5. If there are associated documents, you can attach them to the note.  Documents can be added by browsing to the location where the attachment is located, or can be dragged and dropped in the note.
  6. Click the ‘Save’ button to create the new note

Edit Notes:

Notes can be updated any time. Additional details and/or attachments can be added. 
Once a note has been selected, the fields (Date, Summary, Details) are editable.
Additional attachments can be added by browsing to them, or by dragging and dropping the attachment.