Berman Database Systems

SOPS – Telework History

The telework history allows both staff and administrators to track and view the number of telework days taken.  Staff can view their personal telework utilization, and administrators are able to review utilization by all staff.  Users must have the appropriate permissions assigned to see their history, or view all staff histories. 

Staff Individual Telework History

Roles that will have access to view personal staff history need to be configured.  From the left navigation menu select [Administrative -> Permission Management].  From the list of roles, select the role that you want to review/edit the permissions.

To enable viewing of individual history for staff, the following permissions are required:
Telework Calendar – [View]
Telework History – [View]

All other telework permissions are optional.

When the staff that are assigned to a role with these permissions, they will then have access to their personal telework histories.

Users can view their personal telework history by selecting the ‘History’ tab at the top right of the telework page. 


Administrative Telework History

Users that have administrative level access to telework can view the telework histories of all staff.  To review the permissions for a role, go to [Administrative -> Permission Management] from the left navigati0n menu.

To enable viewing of history for ALL staff, the following minimum permissions are required:
Telework Calendar – [View]
Telework History – [View]
Telework Administrator – [View

Note: Telework history ‘Edit‘ permission allows the user to remove/delete telework entries from the history page.

Users with these permissions will see a listing of all staff when viewing the telework history tab/page.